Thomas Rademaker

Welcome to Rademaker.io. My name is Thomas Rademaker. I am a software engineer working at SparrowTek LLC.

SparrowTek LLC

I founded SparrowTek LLC in November 2013. We are software engineering consultants specializing in mobile application development. Check us out at SparrowTek.com.

Observer Ventures LLC

Observer Ventures is a drone products and services company. We are pioneering DaaS. Check us out at ObserverVentures.com


Want to get in touch with me? Send me an email. Thomas (at) Rademaker (dot) io


Check me out on Twitter or chat with me, @TomRads.


Check me out on Github, Rads06.


Stay tuned, my new podcast will be launching soon. More info can be found at Anxiety.FM